Starting  @ $225

If it isn't obvious, this right here is for those young bucks ready to set out on their own. Seniors. A category all to themselves. 


Starting @ $225

This section applies to anybody looking to book a milestone session, order up a cake smash shoot, or organize an extended family set-up. In Studio or On Location, let's book this. 

Lifestyle + Studio 

Starting @ $375

Sweet little babes in front of the camera. These sessions do have a timestamp. Newborns are only "newborns" for a couple weeks. So this session should be booked + designed in advance. Studio. Home. You name it. We can do it. 


portrait packages

Price Varies [again]

No I am not filming commercials. But I do have several businesses that update their webpages often, need new hire headshots, or simply want real life, hard working images. Thats me. 

Commercial Project

Price varies [obviously] 

This part makes my heart flutter. Design. A fresh coat of paint goes miles. Along with a little wall flair + personal touches. Be it a business venture or personal gain I am begging to help.


Starting @ $225

This section is in regards to you Do it yourselfers, boss babes, + go getters. Stock images. Head shots. Informal head shots. Something to spice up your Linked in profile or website

Personal Brand

Branding + Design packages

contact me for quote

Here we are back to traveling. Even if it just to the local courthouse or campground. Love is love no matter how big or small the celebration. Eloping, after all, is the newest trend thanks to the year 2020.



Ready to tie the knot? Say I do? Party like is 1999? My job when it comes to weddings is capturing the story. So you can re-live it for the rest of your forever.


Starting @ $1500

Going somewhere warm? Somewhere cold? On a boat? You name it + I am all over that. Traveling adds so much flare to your big day. Fun fact, I would rather travel to your fun venue out of state over shooting the same location for the 25th time. Just an FYI

Destination Weddings

Wedding + Engagement

A:  What is that cliche phrase? Oh yeah, time is of the essence. Legit. I am not only a woman whom loves her job, but I love my kids dearly. So if you are curious just reach out. I promise there are no dumb questions. Let's be honest. It's never to early to book a session. 


A: It's rather obvious each shoot has different requirements. No brainer. I do promise to do my best to get them out to you ASAP. On average most galleries are awaiting your love within 2 weeks or less. I am ancy. I dislike waiting. Like most of my clients.

Q: how long should I expect before I get my images back?

A: This is a trick question. Literally. Yes you get all of your final edited images. You do not get ALL the images. I promise you don't want the ones where Sloan is picking her nose or Uncle Bob was rolling his eyes. 

Q: Do I get all my images?

A: Again. Trick Question. There is no correct answer. Not joking. Each family brings in a different vibe. Each pack of kiddos offers up different attitudes. Each wedding day allows for different photo ops with some badass ninja skills so be patient + please, just trust I'll do my best to get you what your heart desires. 

Q: How many pictures are in my gallery?

A: Design means a million and five things to me. Your underwear drawer might be designed perfectly. Your kitchen wall might need some help being redesigned. Your wardrobe for an upcoming photo session. Hello. The possibilities are endless. 

Q: What is this design word you speak of? 

ariel mcginnis

 we adore these! The candids will always hold a special place in my heart... Capturing us just the way we are. The tone is spot on, like seriously - NAILED IT. Just perfection. I am always so moved by all the photos you share on social... This is your God given gift, I tell ya. 

kelli + Andy

100x thank you!!! Thank you + your the sweet words, the crazy wonderful pictures, driving to us out in kingdom come vs us coming to you... thank you thank you. Every time you amaze me how you capture our chaos just perfectly!!

Jessica Royer 

You Nailed it and you made me cry. you are incredibly amazing and talented yet so humble. thank you for being here to support us!


You are truly much talent both photographic + literate. you have given my family so much love + comfort by sharing your talents + beautiful words.

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