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There is something about earthy tones, snuggles at sunset, and the words I do. I love having moments happen that are real, relaxed, and genuine. I want my images to be a true testament of what life truly is. I want the tears and laughter to reappear the second you look at your gallery. This happens because of one main thing, a strong connection. The connection with my couples, my families is what enables us to be real together and capture those intimate moments for you to cherish for all those years to come.

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Family & Lifestyle Collections Starting || $125
 Newborn Collections Starting || $275
Wedding Collections Starting || $2700  

I believe in allowing you to have the rights to all images I produce. I also allow you to have the option to have beautiful prints to hang on your wall, coffee table books to boast about over wine with the girls, and memories that serve as gifts to all your loved ones. Traveling is not only a hobby of mine but an obsession. Going different places be it the mountains, the ocean, the fields, or a rooftop in the busy downtown I will be there. 

I would more then anything love to chat with you so please be sure to drop me a line.



Oh hey, it's me! The more recent version of M-E. I decided I was LONG overdue for some updated head shots considering these last ones were taken the week I was surprised on the knowledge we would soon have our fourth blonde blessing. So let's recap ... Besides hiding behind my camera I would say I enjoy power walking through the aisles of Target, because let's be honest I sure as heck don't have enough time for long strolls on that holy ground. I love a good Bulldog or tangy Margarita with my closest of friends & reminding my hubby on a daily basis what is going on in our chaotic yet somehow organized circus called life. Here I am almost 9 years later behind my Nikon. I wouldn't be here with the clients that I have, which reminds me, can I get a big "H-E-*-* YA" to them for bringing me to this point in life. I am still captivated to this day at the beauty that steps in front of my camera, the real life moments that bring tears to my eyes, goosebumps to my aging skin, and a flood of happiness through my body. I love fiercely. I love strongly. I live knowing today is a gift & we are promised nothing. I am obsessed with Kindness so much I had it inked on my body. I buy a new planner probably every 3-6 months because I have a serious passion for rewriting everything 15 times, it makes me feel on top of things and organized, when in reality, it drains my wallet, annoys my husband, and takes up even more time, which is something I don't have much of. So if you like to be brave, be kind, and have  a cocktail or two, you are probably my kind of person.

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My wedding style screams outdoors. Natural light is my partner in crime, there is no doubt about that. I drool over DIY barn weddings, wide-open fields, rustic boho inspiration atop a mountainside, and dreamy beach weddings. I am obsessed with both neutrals and bold colors. I enjoy a true statement day. I love brides that put their personality and flare into their happily ever after. I love hearty laughs and Jesus. I love bold tattoos and margaritas. God has blessed me with a pretty amazing life if I may say so.

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Traveling is not only a hobby of mine but an obsession. Going different places be it the mountains, the ocean, the fields, or a rooftop in the busy downtown I
will be there. Although I am based in Minnesota I absolutely adore traveling more then anything and charge only minimal traveling fees. I would more then anything love to chat with you so please be sure to drop me a line.

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 I didn’t share with people because I wanted to be secretive. I simply didn’t want the attention, comments, questions. I didn’t post it all over social media when I started testing because I wanted to be sure. I wanted to be positive this would work. Although in this strange sense, I knew it would from the very first day I had my blood drawn. I can’t explain it. I won’t explain it. Trust me, I know not everybody understands this, I have heard some pretty funny comments. And you know what, that is just fine by me. Just know that something as small as a ” Hi” can change somebody’s day. Heck it could change their life. You don’t need to buy a coffee or donate a kidney, just listen instead of judge. Just interact instead of react. I wanted to share on a social media platform because I wanted people to hear my story. I want people to know that giving back, be it an hour of someone’s time or a warm meal, is one of the most empowering feelings out there. There is so much going on in this world that the naked eye would never see. So if I can use this as a way to pass kindness & giving back. I totally will.